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Hearing ReSolutions

Welcome to Hearing ReSolutions

Sonic Valve, Cens Acrylic, SafeSoundHearing ReSolutions, based in Bolton, Lancashire and run by 
Gerald C R Marsden is a specialist aural services provider for those needing:

Hearing ReSolutions works in tandem with Hearing for Life and since 1998 has enhanced its reputation and client base in both Industry and in the noisy Leisure activities.  Noise is often an integral part of work related functions and Hearing ReSolutions has great experience and understanding in working alongside to achieve satisfaction for both employers and employees.  Evaluation of work areas and job functions is important to prescribe the correct level of protection from a wide range of custom made hearing protection products.

Hearing ReSolutions is a licensed manufacturer of a range of silicone and acrylic based custom made hearing protection products from Dreve gmbh, a global leading aural and dental supplies company.

Our client base includes: food manufacturing, engineering, professional & leisure motorcyclists, shooting fraternity, construction, shipping, motor industry, offshore, aerospace, clothing, wood, steel and glass manufacturing.

In support of our experiences within Health & Safety, we have certification of ROSPA’s Managing Safely through Bolton University.  Importantly too, we are certificated, accredited and insured in all our work related areas.

Why Choose Us

  • 16 years experience in hearing protection, industrial audiometry and noise measurement
  • We don't just have 1 or 2 products, we have 17 custom made hearing protection products from which we tailor the prescription to client requirements
  • Fully qualified and insured for all aspects of our work
  • Nationwide service
  • Preferred Supplier status with many Industrial Clients
  • Regular exhibitors at many UK Game Fairs and Motorcycle Shows

Where Are We?

  • Hearing Services Department,
    First Floor,
    Gloucestershire Royal Hospital,
    Great Western Road,
    GL1 3NN
  • The Footcare Clinic,
    13 Prestbury Road,
    SK10 1AU

For Appointment please contact us.